Saturday, November 19, 2011

It Turns Out Okay in the End

My three-year-old daughter was explaining a movie she wanted to watch (again).  There are definite themes of good and evil and a very clear "bad guy" in it.  "It's a little scary," she admitted, then I finished her thought, "But you don't have to be scared because you know it turns out okay in the end."

As she began watching the video, I thought about the times I get a little scared about how things are going in this world in general or in my life in particular.  However, the Bible assures me that it turns out okay in the end.  I don't know all the details about the future, but I know enough to know that Jesus is coming back, sin will be conquered, and because I have given my life to Jesus, I have a glorious future in heaven with Him.  

Things may get a little scary from time to time, but I know it turns out okay - actually, more than okay - in the end!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

God is at work!

God is at work - all the time, everywhere.  I know this in my mind, but I have seen some new glimpses into a few of the specific ways God is working.  

I just returned from a couple weeks in Africa.  I see His hand at work around me every day, but in Africa I saw some true miracles - and God gets the glory.

Beyond this, I was humbled to see ways the Lord had used my prayers - prayers from this small servant - to do mighty things in an area of Africa to which this was my third visit.  How God chooses to use our humble prayers to partner with His work - this is a mystery I will never understand.  I will simply praise Him, and continue to pray many times each day.

I will write details in a future blog post.  For now, be encouraged, keep praying, and know that God is always at work!