Monday, February 21, 2011

Go in the Direction of the Wind

As I dug out of another Wisconsin snowstorm today, I remembered an embarrassing incident from my first winter in this state.  

Prior to moving to Wisconsin in 2003, I had never used a snowblower.  That year I purchased a used one at a yard sale for $20, and after the next big snowstorm, I ventured out on a windy evening to clear my driveway.  After a bit of trial and error, I figured out how to start the machine.  Then, looking more confident than I felt, I walked down the driveway following the snowblower.  

Within a few seconds I was covered in blown snow from hood to boot.  I quickly learned the first rule of snowblowing: don't blow against the wind, or the airborne snow will blow back all over you.  Better worded, the rule is this: only blow the snow in the direction the wind is blowing.  

There's a good spiritual lesson here.  As a follower of Jesus Christ, I want to move only in the direction the Holy Spirit is moving.  If His Spirit leads me in a new direction, I'll follow with that change.  I never, ever want to go against the leading of His Spirit.  

Henry Blackaby phrased the idea that we should discern what direction God is moving, then join with Him.  May that define my entire life as a Christian!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Jesus Loves Me!"

My daughter Emily just turned three years old.  I want to share something that has brought Kristin and me great delight over the last few weeks.

Probably three weeks ago I was working on something in the kitchen while Emily and Kristin were resting and watching a video in the back bedroom.  Suddenly, Emily raced into the kitchen, and with excited joy on her face, shouted, "Daddy, Jesus loves me!"

Though she had heard this truth countless times, she finally got it.  She understood for real.  It excited her heart and stirred her soul.  

This scenario has repeated itself many times since.  Every time she exclaims, "Jesus loves me," she exudes great joy all over again.  It delights our hearts as her parents.  I believe it delights her heavenly Father's heart as well.

Oh, the simple faith of a child!  I believe this is one clear example of the childlike faith Jesus encourages us all to show (Matthew 18:1-4).  May we all feel that same unfettered joy every time we remember how much Jesus loves us!