Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Justice and Mercy

I recently read about a court case from the state of Virginia from the summer of 2000. A deaf couple faced eviction because they were unable to pay back rent to their landlord.

The judge heard the complaint from the landlord. There was no doubt about whether the money was owed - it certainly was. At the same time, there was no doubt that the couple was truly unable to pay the money they owed.

The judge considered the case carefully, excused himself from the courtroom, and returned a short time later with $250, the amount of the couple's past-due rent. Handing it to the landlord, the judge said, "Consider it paid." (See article here)

The Lord of the Universe has made a similar declaration to all who would accept it. Through Jesus Christ, He has offered to pay our debt so we can have relationship with Him.

There's no doubt that we owe a debt we cannot pay (Romans 3:23). Our sin carries a cost that can only be paid by death (Romans 6:23).

But the good news is this: Christ's death on the cross can pay the penalty that we owe. The Righteous Judge makes an offer: "Consider it paid." Salvation is a FREE gift that is offered to anyone who will accept it. It's not offered based on OUR goodness, but on the goodness of the One who makes the offer - the goodness of God. We are merely grateful recipients of tremendous mercy.

If you have not told God that you accept His payment for your sins, would you do that today?